At A-Stat we understand that managing paper remains a major headache for most organisations. The concern is that storing data takes up too much space and retrieving it is even more of a problem. According to recent research most of us hold significantly more information than we did just five years ago. We struggle to keep control of invoices, receipts, customer records and obligated information. If this reflects your experience and your organisation is about to initiate a paper reduction programme we may be in a position to assist you.

Document Management Software will help you to streamline your communications and records. It will reduce paper and document storage. It will capture the flow of information to and from your business for safe archiving and rapid recall. We can assist you to utilise your documents efficiently, to automate your business processes and optimise the way you work. A-Stat’s cost-effective solutions can transform the way you do business, speed up administrative procedures and safely store sensitive data.

If you want to release valuable floor space, scan and securely store data or simply speed up your document retrieval why not call us for a confidential assessment of your requirements.

We offer this solution throughout the Midlands & the UK.

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